• 'An older wine in need of decanting will be delicately pulled from the rack in the cellar, placed in a cradle to minimize movement, and brought to the dining room, where it is presented to the host of the table. Once the host has confirmed it's the correct bottle, the sommelier brings it to the credenza just as a normal bottle of wine would be treated. In a ritual of drama and elegance, the sommelier lights a candle to illuminate the bottle so that the thin layers of wine can be seen as it's poured slowly into a decanter. If properly done, the sediment in the bottle will not spill into the decanter. Guests often marvel at the sommelier's precision and concentration. Once the bottle is emptied into the decanter, it is placed on the credenza, it's label facing the guests. The sommelier samples the decanted wine. If it meets his or her standards, the sommelier approaches the table and pours the host a sample, and service proceeds from there.' ~Edmund O. Lawler in "Lessons in Wine Service from Charlie Trotter"

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One more question - why is it that the NRA and fellow travelers are against banning folks on our terrorist watch lists from getting guns?


Then the next Aurora will happen." The important thing to understand about this statement is that it's going to be borne out no matter what state or federal laws permit or deny. I take it that the Colorado laws, which seem pretty balanced, are not considered restrictive enough because they did not convince a man intent on murder that he shouldn't murder, or give him the will to resist an inchoate "push", to use your language, to commit murder.

I am very glad you are comfortable with guns, and do not want to ban all guns--but such a ban is actually the position of some people who are fully as passionate about this as you, and I imagine they are part of what provokes defensiveness on the part of the NRA...slippery slope fears. On the watch list, per the NRA's own language, the process problems magnify the slippery slope fears. How do you think these competing concerns can be reconciled?

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